When do you want to come?


At Camping Orisant, we offer an wide range of activities. See below to find out what we organise year-round.

Stewed meat night

Stewed meat night

Old-fashioned fries with stewed meat and Flemish mayonnaise.

Naturally, we think about your health and fry everything in BEEF TALLOW...

Starts at 8:30 pm in the Huiskamer.

Will you join us?

Doubles pool tournament

Doubles pool tournament

Who dares take on the battle? Make a team consist out one woman and one men.

Who’ll take the cup home for a year this time?

Preliminary rounds starting from 1:00 pm at the Huiskamer!

The Final starts at 8:30 pm

New Year's afternoon

New Year's afternoon

Together we will close the year in De Huiskamer with live music during the Oliebollenborrel,

from 13.00 to 17.00 hours.

The atmosphere, tasty snacks and good live music will certainly not be lacking.

Are you there?